Meet Carmi Weininger, RP Saddle Company President and Saddle Fitting Advocate

Carmi Weininger is known across the U.S. as an educator and innovative thinker who is committed to improving the comfort and performance of horses through saddle fitting. Her saddle fitting clinics and seminars help educate equestrians regardless of riding style, while her saddle company provides a range of saddles for every English riding discipline.

Carmi riding Carol Babington's "Iditarod" at Prix St. Georges

Carmi developed the RP Saddle Company from its foundation with the proprietary ReactorPanel ® technology to an extensive line of saddle that can be easily fitted for virtually every type of horse and rider. Her immersive study of horse and rider biomechanics, dynamic saddle fit, technical saddle design and enlightened training have taken Carmi throughout the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

Carmi’s expertise is recognized by industry leaders. She has been featured as an expert in Chronicle of the Horse and Trail Blazer magazines, and serves as a regular guest lecturer in Functional Anatomy at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Her public lectures have been featured alongside famed author and coach Mary Wanless and the founding member of the Association for Equine Sports Medicine Dr. Kerry Ridgway.

Spokesperson for Saddle Fitting

No audience is too large or too small for Carmi’s message of saddle fitting for the horse’s comfort and performance. Her saddle fitting clinics and workshops are offered in every setting from barnyard to national expo. In 2013, she was a featured clinician at the Pomona and Sacramento, California, Horse Expos, and in 2014 she will appear at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts and Ohio. Her presentations are packed with information that points riders toward solutions for their saddle fitting challenges.

Carmi enjoys "mythbusting" by teaching workshops and leading seminars on saddle fit for groups large and small

“Despite spending more than twenty years thinking I was an extraordinarily well informed rider and stable manager, I came to realize – first from personal experience and later through exhaustive study – that a number of modern saddles cause problems for horses. As I learned that ill-fitting saddles cause significant pain, restrict performance, and cause trauma, damage, and atrophy, I devoted myself to understanding saddles and saddle design, and to educating riders about the importance of proper saddle fit,” Carmi explains.


“Over the past fifty years, as the use of the horse has changed from essential (military, transportation, and farming) to sport, saddle designs have changed to favor the comfort of the rider,” Carmi explains. “It is only with the advent of saddle fit testing systems combined with modern investigative therapies that reveal pain – sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic – in our horses that we have begun to assess the impact of the saddle on the horse, and to make improvements in the basic design."

Carmi working with her favorite teachers: the horses themselves!

Commitment to Creating Harmony

Carmi believes that the saddle, as the interface between horse and rider, is one of the most important elements in creating harmony between horse and rider, and that its proper fit is often sadly overlooked. She contends that horses will suffer – sometimes greatly – on our behalf without complaint. “The horse was not designed to be ridden, but once provided with a pain-free experience, the ability of the horse to perform to his full potential can be astonishing and profound,” she says.

A rider since 1972, Carmi has been involved in combined training, then hunters and jumpers, and most recently dressage; she has also completed one 50-mile endurance ride. “I have taken courses in saddle fit, studied copiously on my own, worked with vets, innovators and bodyworkers in the U.S., Canada and England, and of course with my favorite teachers: the horses themselves!"

Carmi and her Dutch Warmblood mare "Bijou" happily connect via the Encore dressage saddle