RP has something for everyone interested in saddle fitting education. We take elements of physics, anatomy, biomechanics, saddle manufacturing and the human musculo-skeletal system and distill key information into simple points that are accessible to everyone and benefit all horses. Join us!

Saddle Fitting Workshops

Our workshops offer information on saddle fit that is critical to horse and rider comfort, derived from our work with veterinarians and saddle experts in the US, Canada and England.

Both Lisa Jordan (left) and Carmi Weininger (right) are available to lead seminars and workshops worldwide.

In the past, saddle fitting seemed to be a mysterious art, requiring special skills that were beyond the reach of just about all riders, and even most trainers and vets. Now there are measurement tools that help define the shape of the horse and fitting tools that verify saddle fit. The combination of classic fitting techniques with real data is the best way to ensure that your saddle fits your horse.

The classic workshop is a 2.5-hour program that combines classroom and hands-on practical sessions. The format can be adjusted to a shorter time frame in a lecture hall or classroom setting, or can be stretched into a full day of workshops and individual assessments.

In the workshop, attendees will:

Audiences for our educational workshop include groups of all sizes and interests, from Pony Club to Horse Expo, and include: university equine studies classes, national expositions, dressage GMOs, veterinary students and informal barn groups. The workshop has even been used as a fundraiser. What are your ideas? We offer a sliding fee scale for non-profit organizations.

RP Saddle Fitting Clinics

RP saddle fitting clinics are designed to let people see, feel, and ride in a RP saddle. Typically, a saddle fitting clinic takes place over a weekend. It is run by RP staff, working with a local host or organizer, and may include meals or social/learning events in informal settings.

Carmi uses tape to outline the area of this mule's back which is capable of safely bearing weight.

Before the saddle fitting clinic, we’ll help you make and send templates of your horse and choose a model of saddle (or sometimes two) that you would like to test. Saddles may be shipped directly to you to bring to the clinic, or else will be shipped to the clinic organizer.

The saddle fitting clinic begins with a brief assessment of your horse(s), noting conformational extremes as well as any existing pain or asymmetries. We evaluate your own saddle’s fit on the horse, and if desired, make a pressure map using the Port Lewis Impression Pad system.

Next, we fit an RP saddle to your horse so you may test-ride the saddle. Depending on the results, we may fine-tune the saddle fit, or switch to a different type of saddle. Sometimes we adjust the saddle’s fit and ask you to re-test several times, since the only way to achieve a perfect saddle fit is by testing the saddle’s fit on the horse in motion.

The RP saddle may be kept for a free two-week trial at the end of the saddle fitting. There may be a nominal saddle fitting fee, but other than that, the only financial commitment for the test ride period is to pay return shipping charges. And, if you need more than two weeks to reach a decision, our $100/week leasing program lets you an additional two weeks (or more if discussed and reduces the price of the saddle you're testing, to boot!). New policies effective September 1, 2015.

Carmi demonstrates how extending the forelimb causes the shoulder to rotate as it does in motion and shows us where this horse needs room underneath the saddle to move freely.

Guest Speakers

Saddle fit experts Carmi Weininger and Lisa Jordan are popular speakers on the subject of saddle fit since 2003. Carmi is President of the RP Saddle Company and Lisa is Director of Technical Services.

For more information about RP clinics, workshops or speakers, or to host a clinic at your barn, please email us at or 510-698-6272. Visit our Events page for upcoming saddle fitting clinics, or our Fitters page to contact the fitter nearest you.

Lisa Jordan facilitates a thorough testing experience which includes comparing different RP saddles.