The ReactorPanel Saddle Company

Welcome to The ReactorPanel Saddle Company®, an organization as unusual and high-quality as the saddles we make.

At RP, we are dedicated to providing saddles and other products that are good for horse and rider while delighting customers with exemplary service, integrity and fair policies.

President Carmi Weininger leads workshops around the country

Next Generation Saddles and Legendary Service

Our focus on science and education means that our fitting staff has extensive knowledge. To be certified to our high standard, RP fitting candidates must complete coursework in biomechanics and saddle fit for the rider in addition to saddle fitting techniques. At RP, you’ll find information and support for a broad spectrum of horse and rider issues, from medical to mechanical.

Compassionately dedicated to the welfare of the horse, we will work with you to investigate each issue related to your horse’s well-being and comfort under saddle – and yours, as well. Whether we help you in person, or over the phone combined with photographs and video support, you’ll have our full attention for as long as you need it.

Proprietary ReactorPanel technology was developed using computerized pressure testing. It is only possible to understand pressures and forces under the saddle by using tools that measure while the rider is in the saddle. The data yielded led to the design of our remarkable saddles which respond to the demands of the moving horse's body, flexing and adjusting as required for each individual equine athlete. You’ll experience a greater connection and harmony, improved performance, and the ultimate in comfort for you and your horse. In addition, we have created our own humane girths, ultimate comfort bridles and distribute other products that help horse and rider.


We are here to provide the best buying experience ever. Where else can you find a saddle – or any product -- that is not for sale until you thoroughly test it? Our policies reflect our belief that a saddle is the most important piece of tack you own. We can sustain these customer-focused programs because our saddle outperforms expectations. More than 80% of riders who test RP saddles buy them, and our surveys show that customer satisfaction increases over time.

In addition to saddles, we make girths and bridles and distribute fine products like Herm Sprenger, JMS Sheepskin -- and more

Innovative Customer Programs

RP is proud to offer industry-leading programs that help riders help their horses. Our programs reflect our commitment to the welfare of the horse and the satisfaction of our customers.

RP's Test Ride Program is unmatched in the equestrian industry.  Designed to let you ride as long as you need to reach a firm decision, the first two weeks of your test ride are free (except for transportation costs) and a variety of lease options let you keep the saddle until your mind is made up. Plus, your lease fees reduce the price if you buy the saddle you tested.

RP’s Fitting Support Program gives riders detailed DIY fitting instructions complemented by telephone support direct from RP to the barn, with experienced fitting assistance every step of the way.

RP’s Rehab Rental Program is the industry's first custom-fit, therapeutic saddle leasing program, enabling riders to rehab their horses under saddle safely and comfortably through the weekly or monthly lease of an RP saddle custom-fitted to their horse and easily changed as therapy and rehabilitation progresses.

With programs like these, it’s hardly surprising that customer satisfaction is so high.  Satisfaction runs at near 100%, and returns are essentially zero.

The RP Saddle Company is based in Moraga, California, with high-touch reach all over the world. We are as close as your phone or computer. We hope you’ll get to know us.

Committed to science, research and product improvement, the lightweight Heraldic trail and endurance saddle is our latest design