Customization Options

RP offers many options for customization, from basic saddle configuration to fashion colors and exotic leather. Your choices, your options - it's your saddle!

All RP saddles are available in seat sizes from 17" to 19". We can accommodate larger and smaller sizes by special order. Since many factors combine to make you comfortable in a seat, we encourage you to use our staff to help you size your saddle.

  • The distance from your hip to the stirrup bar should match the distance from your heel to the ball of your foot
  • Four billets, place from the front to the back of the tree, maximize girthing options to give saddle stability and comfort for your horse

Stirrup bar placement is critical for the rider to have proper balance over the ball of the foot while maintaining alignment from the shoulder through the hip to the heel. Stirrup bars are placed based on the discipline for which the saddle was designed. If the standard stirrup bar set doesn't work for your body type, it's simple—and free of charge—to custom- position the stirrup bar. Another option is the adjustable stirrup bar, which offers a choice of four positions.

RP saddles have four billets on each side, except for the jumping saddles, which have three. There are two objectives in girthing: comfort for the horse and stability of the saddle. The wide range of billets and their placement on our saddles gives each rider the most options to ensure optimal girthing. The billets are stitched to nylon webbing, so removing the unused billets is a quick and simple process using a razor to cut the stitching.

Billet length on any RP saddle can be your choice of short (designed to work with long girths), long (designed for short dressage girths), or medium, which is our special length recommended for distance riding. Medium billets permit buckling the girth at the bottom of the sweat flap. This girth arrangement keeps the buckle on the sweat flap, protecting the horse but removing bulk from beneath the rider's leg.

Options such as flap length, billet keeper or slot choice, Velcro knee or thigh block on most saddles are among many choices RP offers, along with many options for d-rings and shaft staples.

Leather Selections

RP saddles are made from the finest European leathers, hand-selected from the most prominent suppliers in the UK and Europe. The hides used for most of the saddle - including the flaps, sweat flaps, and skirts - are 4mm thick and blemish-free.

  • Want to see the latest leathers? Request our leather samples.
  • Choose leather type and color; add pin stripes or other personal touches.

Seats and knee pads are made of softer, thinner leather, such as:

Schrumpf is the standard choice for most RP saddles, as it is an extremely durable, slightly crinkly leather that is not slick.

Doeskin is buttery soft, requiring no break-in period, and provides a slightly sticky seat. Although quite durable, doeskin easily shows scuffs, scratches, and friction wear. If you want a suede seat or knee pads, Doeskin would typically be the choice.

French calf is smooth, luxurious, pliable leather. It breaks in quite rapidly, but some riders find it to be slippery, especially initially.

Buffalo is extremely tough leather with distinctive texture. It is known for its durability, but color choice is limited.

Specialty Leathers - Are you interested in special colors? Elk hide? We'll work with you to design a fully custom saddle any time.

Leather Colors

Saddle leathers come in a variety of colors. Due to photographic reproduction techniques, the variety of color palettes on the Web and our small dye lots, there may be differences between our color samples and the color(s) of the saddle you receive. If an exact match is important to you, be sure to let us know.

  • Streaky "Buffalo Print" Leather is grippy and pre-oiled for zero break-in.
  • Personalize any saddle with leather choices from sedate to sensational

Leather texture also provides choices: Upgrade from our standard smooth 4mm thick hides to grippy textured leathers that are oiled and patterned. These leathers evoke an instantly broken-in feeling in your choice of traditional dotted or buffalo streaky patterns.

Creating a custom color palette is gaining in popularity! The latest trends include colored piping for seat and cantle, contrasting colors to create a two-tone combination, and creative use of exotic leathers can be fun as well as beautiful. Let us know what you would like - anything is possible!