Employment: Fitting Agent Talent Search
RP company-certified saddle fitters are in growing demand! We seek talented people who would like to train with us for a rewarding career as an RP fitting agent.

The dynamic and innovative RP saddle system provides maximum comfort for enhanced performance. RP saddles are completely adjustable and do-it-yourself types love the fact that they can fit their own saddles. Many others are daunted by the task and would prefer the support of a local fitter.

Below is a profile of the type of person we are looking for. Please take a moment to read it and see if any-one comes to mind that may fit our needs – yourself included!

  • Someone who wants a part time job and is well-connected in the horse world
  • Some knowledge of basic equine anatomy and a long history with horses
  • Self-motivated and outgoing, with top-notch customer service skills
  • Exceptional ethics required, sales experience helpful
  • Must like horses and people!

Candidates could be riders in any English discipline, and may already have an equine-related business. Equine massage therapists, body workers, or others who understand the value of properly fitting equipment typically make good candidates, though lay people can also be appropriate. If you know someone who may be interested, we would love to strike up a conversation! Contact us by phone 510-698-6272 or email info@reactorpanel.com