DeWayne Brown

Fitting Area: Oregon, Washington, Idaho

I was born into a long line of horsemen, as my grandparents and parents raised horses and in fact my grandfather at one point had a herd of 250 Appaloosas. I was off and riding before I was born as my mother continued to ride and then growing up showing and riding endurance as a kid.

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Elise Geske

Fitting Area: N. California, North Bay and Greater Bay Area

I was one of those girls born with the “horsey-bug”- I think there’s a specific gene for that! Although it wasn’t until my adult mid-life that I had the opportunity to immerse myself in horses.

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Lisa Jordan

Fitting Area: N. California/Foothills

Lisa Jordan began as an RP fitter in 2000 and has been a core member of the RP staff for most of the years since. Her work in the field and with veterinarians and equine body workers has contributed greatly to the body of work that is the RP fitting standard, and her fitting skills are top-notch.

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Lynne Glazer

Fitting Area: S. California

Lynne's background is primarily endurance riding, though she also enjoys driving. She acquired her first ReactorPanel saddle during the "Great Saddle Hunt" in 1999.

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Melissa B. Whitney

Fitting Area: Virginia, Maryland, D.C. in person fittings. East Coast Regional Fitting Specialist for all Eastern states

Started riding Hunter/Jumpers in third grade and never stopped. Competed on college equestrian team at Randolph-Macon Woman's College. First job was with Potomac Polo Club. Was horsebackriding guide in Yellowstone Nat. Park.

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Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

Fitting Area: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Eastern Illinois, and Southern Michigan

My equestrian evolution began like most young horse crazy girls, I tried pretty much anything involving a horse. I finally settled on dressage in the early 80’s but a serious automobile accident ended any long term and upper level dressage goals. 

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Celena Pentrack

Fitting Area: Oregon and Washington

Horses have always been my main focus and thrill in life. At the age of 13 I adopted my first mustang project from the BLM in Susanville. A lot of books, a lot of time and a lot of mistakes got me through the starting of 3 mustangs. I couldn’t get enough, these horses had so much to teach me! I dabbled in dressage, western and jumping and always had a strong desire to teach and share knowledge I had learned. Over the past 10 years I have been teaching children and adults, starting and training horses for a variety of disciplines, specializing in behavioral issues, organizing children’s camps and competing in Endurance in the Pacific Northwest.

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