Fitting Support Program

Our tried and tested remote fitting support program means that riders everywhere have access to the great fit that is the hallmark of the ReactorPanel® technology.

Benefit from our experience

Access our decades of experience fitting RP saddles with our Fitting Support Program. We know the ins and outs of every RP saddle, and we’ve fitted them to just about every type of horse you can imagine. All that experience is available to you at the other end of the phone.

The Port Lewis Impression Pad give you data about saddle fit; use it to be confident that your saddle is properly adjusted

We are proud to offer this effective and economical program so that riders can fit RP saddles themselves. It takes just a few adjustments before you’ll begin to be comfortable using the system and developing the skills you’ll use in the future to make the fitting adjustments that are necessary as your horse develops. There is no cost at all if you are testing a saddle through our Test Ride Program. If you already own an RP purchased elsewhere, there is a $75 charge for a remote Fitting Session.

Elements of a Remote Fitting Session

If you have not already visited our “Test Ride Program Page”, start there to answer some basic questions about choosing your saddle.

Once your RP saddle is on the way, you’ll receive a list of “how to” videos to watch in advance. These short (five minutes or less) videos will familiarize you with the parts of the saddle and the work we will do together when the saddle arrives. Through an appointment made in advance, we will assist you in every step of the initial set up and adjustment of the saddle.

Watch this short video to learn just what happens in a remote fitting session

On fitting day, we will work with you by phone to help you fit the saddle. You may choose to fit yourself, or to have a friend, trainer or body worker help. From the moment you take the saddle out of the box, you’ll find us on the other end of the phone to guide you through the process of assessing and adjusting the saddle. This takes 1-2 hours, and requires no special skills or equipment beyond a hands-free device for your phone.

The initial goal is to “do no harm” – we will work together until we are both satisfied that there are unlikely to be pressure points or areas of discomfort for your horse. We are not trying to achieve the ultimate fit in the very first session but instead to get you up in the saddle for a test ride. Once you have ridden, we often continue with a second session to fine-tune the fit, either on the same day or soon after.

The process starts with taking templates of your horse's back and tracing them onto large sheets of paper

What is needed to fit?

Fitting a RP saddle does not require special skills when you have our assistance, but it does require patience and a good eye for symmetry. You will need a certain amount of hand strength (our velcro has quite a grip!), and are certain to learn more about the subleties of your horse's body during the process. 

What will you find in the box for your two-week trial? Spend two minutes to find out in this short video.

Your saddle will arrive with everything you need for fitting, including the panels, shock absorbing discs in two sizes, a set of saddle pads, a tool to separate the Velcro, a saddle cover and ruler, as shown in the video above.

We provide unlimited telephone support for your fitting session and throughout your trial, as well as email support as needed. You’ll have expert advice to answer any questions you may have.

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