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Introducing the first true innovation in modern saddlery since treeless: the Flapless Dressage Saddle

Shown: The flapless saddle - PATENT PENDING - with removable flap and external user-adjustable thigh block

red piping flapless

Riding “flapless” feels remarkably like riding in a saddle with flaps – only better! Riders influence their horses more effectively and with less effort through a stable, athletic seat.Their horses move more freely and respond more easily to the aids. Equine biomechanics research, and dressage field test results, speak for themselves.

This is the first true innovation in saddlery in modern dressage saddlery in more than a decade. This system is flexible, adjustable, and approximately ten pounds lighter than a conventional saddle.

Loved by Riders

Dressage riders at every level from Training to Grand Prix have fallen in love with the feel and results of this saddle:

     “I feel so secure!”
     “My leg drapes effortlessly down my horse’s barrel.”
     “My hip flexors can relax so I can sit, follow and influence the trot so much easier.”
     “Riding used to cause me hip pain but not with the Flapless.”
     “I can give the aids more easily, and my horse responds more quickly.”
     “It is so much easier to develop straightness and lateral work.”


Proven by Research

Equine biomechanics testing conducted in 2016 will soon be published, and additional studies will be conducted in 2017. Current research concludes:

 -  Horses had lower heart rates when ridden in this saddle, as compared to their own high-end, custom-fitted conventional saddles, demonstrating less stress under saddle.
 -  Riders’ weight was more evenly distributed across the horse’s back, as shown by computerized pressure testing.
 -  Riders were more stable, because the saddle’s computer-designed flexible panels prevent the horse’s shoulder rotation or hip flexion from shifting the saddle from side to side.

Chosen by Experts

Eminent research veterinarians who actively ride and compete chose this saddle:

Renowned equine researcher and USDF Gold Medalist Hilary Clayton, BVMS, PhD, Dipl ACVSMR, MRCVS on her Lusitano “Donzi”

Stephanie Valberg, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, ACVSMR of Michagan State University and her eventer “Cajun”

Carrie Finno, DVM, Dipl ACVIM, PhD of University of California at Davis on her Preliminary-eventer gelding “Kaiden”

You will also find this saddle on horses ridden by active trainers and USDF Gold Medalists (click the rider's name to learn more):

Anne Howard – also a USDF “r” Judge – of California 

Olivia Lagoy-Weltz of N. Virginia and Wellington, FL  

Jennifer Marchand of New York and Florida 



flap off gifDesigned for Personalization

This new saddle incorporates the secure seat of our most popular saddle, the Tribute Dressage, with a supportive thigh block on the extended skirt. Two versions are available:


The standard version has a sewn-on thigh block


The adjustable version incorporates a patch of loop Velcro; this version may also be used to test the system and determine the ideal thigh block size and position


Several sizes and styles of thigh blocks are available for both versions of the saddle, and every saddle we hand craft can be personalized with a wide range of leather, trim, colors, and crystals.


Created for Competition

National and international dressage competitions require that the dressage saddle be equipped with flaps.We offer two styles of removable flaps to comply with this rule:

-The Skinny Flap is a single layer of thin leather that adds almost no bulk under the rider’s leg and keeps the sense of closeness and incredible feel. ($450/pair)

-The Mono Flap is a sleeve of leather that fits over the billets, and stands up to use inside and outside the competition arena. ($550/pair)

Either flap may be ordered with a leather friction plate at the bottom of the flap to stiffen the flap and extend its life.

Backed by Testing

In 2012 we began making and selling a similar flapless saddle to endurance riders, many of whom ride in it for 100-mile races.  We’ve devoted more than two years to field testing our new line of flapless saddles on dressage horses, mainly Warmbloods and Iberians, and under riders from beginner to Grand Prix.

Testing showed that horses immediately improved in their work, stride regularity, shoulder freedom and attitude under this saddle. Many riders reported feeling at home in the saddle within seconds, while for others it took only a week or two for them to say, "I'm never going back". Find out why - try one yourself in the only laboratory that counts: on your horse's back!

Free Two-Week Test Ride

Our company is as unique as our saddles: We will not sell you a saddle until you have had a successful trial. Our two-week Test Ride Program is free except for shipping and insurance (usually around $60 for the light-weight flapless saddles). For more information or to start your test ride, click the Take a Test Ride link above, call us at 510-698-6272 or email