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Understanding a diagnosis is the first step to remedial fit; if the damage is in the area of the scapula, then we must also understand how the scapula moves when the foreleg extends.

The easiest part of your horse’s rehab may be getting started with RP’s Rehab Rental Program. Here’s how.

RP's Rehab Rental Program

You can begin your Rehab Rental with a three-day trial that is free except for shipping and insurance when you use RP’s Fitting Support Program. Just call RP directly at 510-698-6272 or email us at We will take care of the paperwork, and help you get started. The process begins with templates and photos of your horse that will be used to select your rehab saddle, and will also be used by us jointly to track the changes in your horse's body during the course of the rehab.

We work directly with you by phone to help you fit the saddle yourself:  Once you have measured your horse, we ship the saddle chosen for you.  We provide unlimited telephone support during your DIY fitting session and throughout your Rehab Rental. Fitting an RP saddle does not require special skills when you have our assistance, but it does require patience and a good eye for symmetry. Many people chose to have a friend, trainer or bodyworker at the fitting session to provide support and assistance.

Our Fitting Support Program is a robust program that has successfully guided riders around the world through adjusting their own saddles. The program has been in place for more than ten years. Find out more about it at Fitting Support Program

If you prefer to work with one of RP’s Certified Saddle Fitting Agents, you will find them listed on the Fitters page. You will find their fitting and travel fees affordable, and their expertise remarkable.

Michele Ng rides Boca at 2nd Level after successfully rehabbing his back in a ReactorPanel Encore Dressage Saddle.

RP's Rehab Rental Program

During your three-day test ride, we encourage you to follow your veterinarian’s recommendations for your horse’s rehab. If you are far enough along in your rehab that your rides are longer, we ask that you keep your test rides short for your horse’s benefit, giving him time to get used to the freedom the saddle provides.

After your three-day test ride, you can choose to continue the Rehab Rental Program or return the saddle to us within three days for a full refund of the first-month rental, provided that you inform us of your intent to cancel and package the saddle for return shipment within 72 hours of its arrival. After that, rentals are on a monthly basis. The first month-rental is $400 that is due in advance and $300 per month for the second and thind month't rental should you wish to continue this agreement. At the end of that time, you simply return the saddle to us per the lease agreement or decide to purchase the saddle, in which case fifty percent of the first month's lease fees and one hundred percent of the subsequent months' lease fees will be applied to the price of the saddle.
We will check with you at each interval to be sure that you are happy with the saddle and want to continue the lease before charging your card for the next month's lease. You will NEVER be charged recurring fees without your consent at RP!

At the end of your horse’s rehab, if you find that you would like to purchase the saddle you have been leasing, the lease fees paid will reduce the saddle price for that particular saddle. 

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