Meet Our Models

Every saddle we make is designed with the greatest care and attention to quality and produced by hand in the UK following the renowned tradition and craftsmanship of English saddlers. Each saddle is based on our innovative and proprietary ReactorPanel® technology, but is created to perform perfectly in your chosen discipline. 

RP currently offers 15 different models, with more on the drawing board, and thanks to a wide range of customization options there's virtually no limit to the imagination.  Feel free to take any of our models, and make it uniquely your own. 

Heather Reynolds of Reynolds Racing rides in the Endurance Model

Meet Our Endurance, Trail and Pleasure Models

Heraldic: Designed with renowned Endurance rider John Crandell III and named for his champion horse "Heraldic", this is 12 lbs. of extreme comfort and performance for endurance, recreational and trail riding. Choose the saddle pads and stirrup hangers that complete the ensemble and give the right support for you and your horse.

Cross-Functional: A favorite with trail and distance riders thanks to its security and stability, it's great for trail riders who started riding hunt seat and prefer a shorter stirrup. This saddle's forward-set flap correctly supports flat work, varied terrain and low jumps, making it extremely versatile.

Endurance: A favorite of top riders the world over, this saddle provides ultimate security for distance riders and anyone who rides across varied terrain. The tapered external thigh block is anatomically designed to provide support during gallops, down steep hills, or for sudden, slam-on- the-brakes spooks.

VSD Traditional:With the look of a traditional English saddle, this saddle provides the same tree and balance points as the VSD Summit. Typically outfitted with a full Endurance Kit of rings and medium billets, it is perfect for long days on the trail and also supports flat work and general pleasure riding.

VSD Summit: The ultimate in comfort, the padded leg channel gives instant security as well. A favorite with endurance riders and designed for long hours in the saddle, this "Barcalounger" also works well for lower-level dressage and all sorts of pleasure riding.

VSD Baker Trail: Available with either the Traditional flap or the padded leg channel from the Summit, the VSD Baker Trail uses the flatter tree that is in the Baker Dressage. This tree works well on horses with extremely flat toplines.

Dani Koch rode to 2013 Reserve Champion California Dressage Society honors in the Tribute Dressage saddle

Meet Our Dressage Models

Tribute: New in 2014, this deep-seated saddle provides comfort and stability for the rider who likes the saddle to help "plug in". Featuring a narrowed twist to optimize seat and leg effectiveness, and pinstriping along the seat and cantle to express your individuality.

AvantGarde: A traditional deep seat and high cantle for security with a narrowed twist for riders with narrow pelvises. Velcro-mounted, easy-adjust thigh rolls maximize rider comfort and correct position, and the shortest flap in our line supports riders with shorter thighs.

Baker Alexsandra: The flatter tree is designed to fit horses with level toplines. Its shallow seat is a good choice for higher-level dressage riders or those who do not like to feel confined in a saddle, and the widened twist provides comfort to certain female pelvises.

Elegance: Our most popular dressage saddle combines classical design with modern features, a medium-depth seat with a moderate cantle and a supportive knee/thigh roll for comfort and luxury.

Encore: The tree in this saddle has wide-open angles to fit wide-bodied horses, from warmbloods to Haflingers. The low pommel and cantle are deceptive as the saddle's security is derived from its hourglass shape. Helps to stabilize a big warmblood trot.

Reagan Hayes of Hayes Training clears a 5' jump in the Esprit H/J Saddle.

Meet Our Jumping Models

Esprit H/J: Designed for competitive jumping disciplines, it reflects all the features of modern hunter/jumper saddles, including an extremely flat seat and squared cantle, for top performance in the show ring.

Esprit Foxhunter: Suitably traditional for the hunter/jumper arena, its slightly deeper seat makes it secure enough for the challenges of the cross-country course and field hunting.

Flyer: With a square cantle and a narrow twist, this saddle was designed for serious jumping disciplines such as show jumping, equitation, hunters, fox hunting and cross country.

Cross-Functional: A favorite with trail and distance riders thanks to its security and stability, it's also a natural for those who do lower level jumping.