Rehab Rental Program

Following an ultrasound examination, Carmi custom-contours the panels to create a pressure map that avoids placing weight on the damaged area (in this case, bone spurs underneath the multifidus muscle).

The RP Saddle Company introduces the first custom-fit, therapeutic saddle leasing program. So good for horses, it’s recommended by vets.

A New Tool for Rehab

Vets who recommend RP saddles as a tool for rehab inspired us to create the Rehab Rental Program. Experience showed that the RP system assists horses in rehab under saddle as they return to exercise, conditioning and normal work.

RP customers report success in a variety of rehab scenarios: Regenerating atrophied muscles and tissue, recovering from systemic weakness, and even improvement of kissing spines, among others. Their veterinarians confirmed the results. We developed our Rehab Rental Program to help more horses.

With proper saddle fit and a remedial exercise program, damaged tissue will begin to regenerate, often in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Lease By Month or More, Depending on Your Needs

The length of your lease is up to you, because every horse rehabs on its own schedule and often the rate of recovery is not predictable. We understand, because we’re riders, too. We work with you on a schedule that fits your needs. As your horse’s rehab progresses, you may find that you need the RP saddle longer than originally expected. Your lease can be extended so your horse can successfully complete rehab with the RP saddle. We begin with one month, and can add additional months as you need.  If you return the saddle within the month period, you will be refuned on a prorated basis.  The first month is $400 due in advance (full refundable within the first three-day trial period, provided that you inform us of your intent to cancel and package the saddle for return shipment within 72 hours of its arrival), each subsequent month is $300. 

Three-Day Free* Trial

Your Rehab Rental begins with a three-day trial that is free except for shipping and insurance when you use RP’s Fitting Support Program . This is an economical and effective choice for riders who enjoy being hands-on, or who do not live near a RP Certified Saddle Fitting Agent. You will find their fitting and travel fees affordable, and their expertise remarkable.

The diagnosis: a fracture on the first lumbar vertebrae (L1), resulting in edema on the back. The RP solution? Widen the gullet in the rear to create space for healing to occur

After Rehab

When your horse’s rehab is completed, you can return your RP saddle, or you may choose to keep it and a portion of your lease payments will be credited to your saddle’s purchase price (fifty percent of the first month and one hundred percent of the subsequent months).

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