Evie and Roxy

Evie Holt: Operations Manager

Manages operations, financial transactions, product vendors, and coordinates saddle production in England

I found ReactorPanel through a friend, and didn’t really know what I was getting in to. Saddle fit? I’d always just run my hand under saddles and nodded my head knowingly at what my trainer told me, meanwhile being totally mystified.

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Lisa and Sammy

Lisa Jordan: RP Master Fitter and Product Development Consultant

I first found RP on the internet not long after Carmi got involved with the business. As someone who is continuously seeking cutting-edge information, I found the saddle system in one of my searches.

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Elise is outstanding in the field

Elise Geske: RP Training and Development Consultant

I was one of those girls born with the “horsey-bug”- I think there’s a specific gene for that! Although it wasn’t until my adult mid-life that I had the opportunity to immerse myself in horses.

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Lynne and Q

Lynne Glazer: Photographer

Lynne's background is primarily endurance riding, though she also enjoys driving. She acquired her first ReactorPanel saddle during the "Great Saddle Hunt" in 1999.

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