Test Ride Program

RP is unique: we will not sell you a saddle until you have had a successful trial. Our two-week Test Ride Program is free except for shipping and insurance when you use our Fitting Support Program.
Try Before You Buy

We know how difficult it can be to choose a saddle. That’s why we believe that you should only make such an important—and expensive—decision after thoroughly testing the saddle you’re considering purchasing. We have been providing our Free Test Ride program since 1999, and are pleased to report that over 80% of the riders who test go on to buy our saddles.

Trainer Lynda Weese schools young Ziggy in the RP AvantGarde Dressage Saddle

First, we need detailed information about your horse. Our Template Guide takes you through the process of measuring your horse’s wither and shoulder, and you’ll need to take specific photographs as well. Once we have this information – along with your completed Evaluation Agreement – we will work with you over the phone to select the specific saddle for your test ride.

We move at your speed. Because we keep ample inventory in our Moraga, CA warehouse, we can usually ship you a saddle the same day we get your paperwork. In a hurry? Overnight your tracings to us, and request overnight shipment for your saddle. You could be test riding your RP two days from now!

We will do our best to send you your “dream saddle”, so that if you want to buy an RP saddle after the trial, you will have the option of keeping the saddle you tested. We ask for your color preferences, leather choices, billet length, D-rings, and any other detail that is important to you.

Your test ride starts with fitting the saddle to your horse, either by using the services of one of our RP Certified Fitters if you have one nearby, or by using our Fitting Support Program (described below). The first few rides are critically important. This is where we learn about your comfort and your horse’s response to the saddle, and we stay in close touch during this process.

We encourage you to test ride the RP saddle thoroughly. Take it trail riding, to a lesson or clinic, or let others ride in it on your horse. We ask you to keep your initial test rides short for your horse’s benefit, giving him time to get used to the freedom the saddle provides. If you believe you will need more than two weeks or if you want to compete in one of our saddles, call us to discuss your needs and the options we offer.

After two weeks, you still get to make choices. Need more time to decide? Our Weekly Lease period of two weeks total gives you additional time for the nominal amount of $100/week - (new policies effective as of September 1, 2015). Or you may opt to buy the saddle, return it, or test a different saddle. 

The RP Esprit H/J tackles the big jumps - Sullivan with Trainer Reagan Hayes in the irons

Fitting Support Program

RP’s Fitting Support Program provides an economical and effective choice for riders who enjoy being hands-on or who do not live near a RP Certified Saddle Fitting Agent. Many years of experience have gone into making this program an outstanding success.

Judith Ogus rides endurance horse "Mia" in the RP Baker dressage saddle to 7th place in the 2013 Oregon 100.

We work directly with you by phone to help you fit the saddle yourself: We help you measure your horse, select the appropriate RP saddle, and provide unlimited telephone support during your DIY fitting session and throughout the two weeks of your test ride.Fitting an RP saddle does not require special skills when you have our assistance, but it does require patience and a good eye for symmetry. You’ll find all the details at Fitting Support Program .

RP Certified Saddle Fitting Agents

RP’s certified fitters have passed our rigorous training, testing and certification program. They know RP saddles inside and out, and they have valuable experience fitting a wide range of horses and riders with RP saddles. They share our commitment to helping horses and riders through better saddle fit. Their fitting and travel fees are reasonable and their expertise is remarkable. You can find RP Certified Saddle Fitting Agents listed at Fitters . If there’s no Fitter near you, look for an upcoming Fitting Clinic at Events– or consider organizing your own!

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